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Freddy Krueger Slices His Way Into MMIV

Sometimes, if rarely, the rumors are true. This is one such time. The lineup for Movie Maniacs IV has been shuffled due to a revamped film release schedule from New Line Cinema.

    Jason X, the film initially scheduled for August, has been rescheduled for 2002. Therefore the Jason X action figure has been removed from the MMIV roster and pushed back to 2002's Movie Maniacs V.

    This obviously leaves a late-in-the-game hole in the starting lineup. Fortunately, we've got a killer substitute: a sweater- and hat-wearing madman with a blade fixation. That's right ... Freddy Krueger.

    The new Freddy Krueger figure is the same eerie sculpt as last year's 18-inch version, minus the voice chip, and scaled down to regular Movie Maniacs size.

    Movie Maniacs IV is set for a September release.

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