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Lucky Contest Winners Announced

It's a proven fact: You folks sure do love Ash. Our new contest monkey had to work overtime to process all the responses to last week's Movie Maniacs contest. Luckily, he works for ... peanuts. And the occasional Krispy Kreme doughnut.

    If you missed it, our contest asked how many jointed articulation points were on the mini-Ash figure in last year's Movie Maniacs III Ash package. The correct answer is: Zero. Or zilch. Or nada. Whichever you prefer.

    After weeding through all the incorrect answers (man, some of you guys were really just guessing, huh?) and multiple entries (the monkey gets very angry about ballot-stuffing, particularly when we warn you not to do it), we had a massive list of correct answers.

    We set Mick, the contest monkey, on chaos mode and he selected three names completely at random. The winners are:

    • Michael Degon of Berlin, MD,
who wins an Evil Ash from Movie Maniacs 4,
signed by Bruce Campbell.

    • Ryan Lewis of Bellflower, CA,
who wins an Ash figure from Movie Maniacs 3,
signed by Bruce Campbell.

    • Richard Touchette of University City, MO,
who wins an Ash figure from Movie Maniacs 3,
signed by Bruce Campbell.

Thanks to everyone who entered, even though Mick is taking the next two weeks off. And congrats to our winners; your prizes are in the mail.

All stories are Copyright © and TMP International, Inc., and may not be reprinted without permission.

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