McFarlane Toys Reveals ‘Halo’ Avatars Series 2 Lineup
Eight New Figures Available January 2013
Friday, August 03, 2012

The little guys are coming back for more this spring! McFarlane Toys is bringing Halo® fans a second series of unique collectibles, Halo Avatars, based on the stylized representations of the Halo characters that are available on the Xbox 360 console.

From Halo-themed t-shirts, to Spartan helmets, to full suits of character armor, gamers can make their avatars look like true Halo fans, or even characters from the Halo universe.

To represent the customization options available to online avatars, McFarlane Toys' avatar figures feature interchangeable heads, torsos, and legs. Collectors can mix and match pieces to create their own custom avatar figure, much like they can with their online avatar.

In addition to characters and apparel, Halo Avatars also includes various "prop" items such a Warthog & Banshee. Avatar figures are small, stylized, playful, and something a Halo fan of any age would want!

Halo Avatars Series 2 consists of eight 2 1/2" tall figures:

Each avatar figure comes disassembled and randomly packaged in a small "blind" foil bag. With a little luck, you might just find the ultra rare Avatar, the Banshee!

Don’t forget to pick up some Halo Avatars Series 1 figures, available now at Gamestop, Target, Toys R Us, Wal-Mart – Canada, Blockbuster - Mexico, Toys R Us - Canada, Fred Meyer, Kroger, HEB, F.Y.E, local comic book stores, and other retailers nationwide.

Stay tuned to for the most current news and information about this series and other upcoming releases from McFarlane Toys.

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