‘Curse of the Spawn’ Resin Statue Gets Skinned
25 ‘Unpainted Artist Proofs’ Available For Preorder 8/18
Friday, August 10, 2012

With just a week left before preordering begins on the McFarlane Toys’ limited-edition Curse of the Spawn resin statue, Spawn creator Todd McFarlane just gave fans and collectors another reason to keep their eyes on the McFarlane Toys Online Store and their fingers on the refresh button this Saturday, August 18th.

In addition to the 500 US/Canada painted version of this limited-edition hand-painted creation, McFarlane Toys is proud to announce, for the first time ever, an extremely-limited “Unpainted Artist Proof” version of the resin statue. These 25 additional statues are primed in flat grey and ready for customization or to be displayed as is by collectors in its rawest form.

Each statue stands approximately 13.5” tall with base, is sequentially numbered (1-25), and includes a FREE plaque hand-signed by Spawn Creator Todd McFarlane. Don’t be fooled by the lack of paint, this amazing resin statue, based on McFarlane’s comic book creation, still includes all the spectacular sculpting detail and intensity as the painted.

"We've been making toys for two decades and I can say, on a dozen of occasions, the most joy I get out of looking at our products is seeing the unpainted proofs we receive,” McFarlane said.

“My eyes are not distracted from the detail and nuances of the actual sculpt by the paint application. With the figure being unpainted shadows are cast on every level of the figure and really draw your eye to amazing detail and time put into these products. “

The Curse of the Spawn resin statue “Unpainted Artist Proof” retails at $185 with FREE Shipping (Only available in US and Canada).

Preordering for both US/Canadian versions of the Curse of the Spawn resin statue begins at Noon (Eastern Standard Time) on Saturday, August 18th

Each statue will include a FREE limited-edition and sequentially numbered Lithograph of the artwork the Curse of the Spawn statue was based on as a FREE BONUS!

Here is your chance to get your hands on an Spawn unpainted!

The Curse of the Spawn resin statue is planned to ship 1st Quarter 2013. Customers will not be charged until the order is shipped.