These New ‘Halo’ Products May Keep You Up All Knight!
‘Halo 4’ Knight Deluxe Figure & ‘Halo Legends’: The Package Coming Soon
Wednesday, December 05, 2012

McFarlane Toys is bringing two new Halo products sure to excite both the avid Halo universe collector and fans of the new videogame blockbuster, Halo 4!

Our Knight action figure stands approximately 9 inches tall, towering over Master Chief and the Spartan-IVs of the UNSC Infinity. This version of the Knight comes with the deadly Scattershot, the Forerunner's twist on the shotgun, mounted on its right arm, plus a fearsome energy blade on its left. In Halo 4, and our action figures, Knights have a special synergy with the Watcher support unit. Our Knight figure includes an opening compartment in its back that can be used to carry our Watcher figure (available in Halo 4 Series 1 - Action Figures Assortment Extended) onto the battlefield! This figure will be available in limited quantities this December.

The fan-favorite final chapter of the 2010 animated movie, Halo Legends, was a short film titled "The Package." In this segment, a team of elite Spartan-II soldiers is sent to retrieve a critical "package" from the depths of a massive enemy spaceship. As their team members fall to the overwhelming alien force, the success of the mission depends on the three remaining soldiers: the Master Chief, Frederic-104, and Kelly-087. This three-pack brings that heroic trio of Spartans to your action figure collection, just as seen on the poster for the thrilling conclusion of Halo Legends. This boxed set will be available in January 2013.

If you are still trying to check off Halo fans off your holiday list, here are plenty of other Halo products available now!

And if you are looking for the coolest stocking stuffers around, be sure to pick up some of our Halo Avatars...Small, affordable, and already wrapped in it's own "Blind Bag" capsule.

These awesome Halo products are available at, Barnes & Noble, Fred Meyer, HEB, K-Mart, Kroger, Target, Toys 'R' Us, Toys 'R' Us Canada, Walmart, and Walmart Canada stores now. Please note that not all stores carry all items.

Stay tuned to more awesome Halo 4 news coming soon!

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