The Rabbids Toy Invasion Begins
Rabbids are curious little creatures that have invaded earth, and these chaotic creatures are on a mission to cause trouble have tons of fun on their all-new hit Saturday morning Nickelodeon TV show, Rabbids Invasion!

This spring, McFarlane Toys is bringing this successful major global brand to life with an all-new Rabbids toy line!

Now Available At: Walmart & Toys 'R' Us

In Stores and Coming Soon
Rabbids Plunger Sound Blaster
April 2014
Command your wacky army of Rabbids with the Rabbids Plunger Blaster! Scream, burp, fart, flush, laugh and bwaaah your way into the unpredictable Rabbids world!
Rabbids Plush Series 1
April 2014
You may think Rabbids are cute and cuddly...well, they are! Pick up these uniquely soft, lovable, yet wacky, plush Rabbids!
Rabbids Sound & Action Figure 2-Packs Series 1
April 2014
These new wacky sound & action figures bring the Rabbids to life with zany play-action and plenty of Bwaaahing!!!
Rabbids Mini Figures Series 1
April 2014
Build your own Rabbid invasion by collecting new mini figures depicting the crazy and silly Rabbid characters!
Rabbids Mini Figures Invasion Pack 1
April 2014
If blind bags are too Blwah for you, you can also pick up these Rabbids mini figures in all-new deluxe box sets!
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